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Google Adsense High Paying Keywords for Work at Home and other Internet Marketing Possibilities. If you are looking for the keyword top, then this site is for you. The top paying keywords, which are the top search keywords, translate into the top adsense keywords that you are looking for! If you do a top keyword search looking for top paying adsense keywords by yourself, then it will take a long time. I have done the work for you :) Note: this is not just another top 100 keywords list...this has hundreds of montly updated keywords! I love the internet!!


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Top Adsense Keywords Last Updated August 1 2013
Updated once a month

Keyword Searches Google results Results/Searches Google campaigns Estimated clicks/day Top Bid
refinancing 20,400,000 15,400,000 1 16 + 5278 Click To See
auto insurance 37,200,000 47,800,000 1 16 + 8040 Click To See
software escrow 12,100 389,000 32 16 + 4 Click To See
raid data recovery 22,200 447,000 20 16 + 9 Click To See
online car insurance 165,000 29,100,000 176 16 + 141 Click To See
student loan consolidation 246,000 1,930,000 8 16 + 212 Click To See
tax attorney 201,000 19,900,000 99 16 + 47 Click To See
asbestos lawyer 33,100 849,000 26 16 + 9 Click To See
online insurance quotes 110,000 29,500,000 268 16 + 68 Click To See
consolidate student loan 33,100 2,290,000 69 16 + 34 Click To See

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