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Car Insurance Quote

by Adrian Pitt

Cheapest Car Insurance UK

Powerseeker is a leading online car insurance provider that specialises in looking for the cheapest car insurance in the UK. Along with the lowest rate of interest, it pinpoints insurance that can be procured without the bother of innumerable phone calls.

The car insurance sector in the UK has become increasingly competitive and marked by low tariffs over the past few years. Despite that up to two million people in the UK drive without insurance, causing injury to other people including passengers and damage other people's property. Price-based competition has not only led to reduction in overheads but also the arrival of price slashing entrants resulting in lower premiums and some of the cheapest car insurance quotes.

The Internet is the best place to start searching for the cheapest car insurance

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quote. It has to be searched for, evaluated and contrasted across the market before a decision of choosing the cheapest car insurance quotes in the UK can be made. This is so because the difference between the highest and lowest quotes can be astounding. At Power Seeker, our insurance advisors say that it is wise to browse through more than one 'comparison website' (that enables review of offers and options for a one-stop 'policy overview') because different websites might deal with different companies with varying quotes and premiums.

Our insurance providers have provided us with a handy list of tips that can be used to acquire the cheapest car insurance quotes and premium:

Buy Online: Many insurers grant percentage discounts for buying car insurance online.

No Claims Bonus: A personal discount is obtainable for driving

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'claim free' during the period of insurance.

Parking: If you park your car in a locked garage overnight and during the day and do not drive your insured car to work, the premium would be reduced.

Alarm: Guard against theft by adding a standard alarm and immobiliser.

Mileage: The premium is also reduced if your average mileage per annum is less than 12,000 miles.

Excess: Opting to pay a higher excess can lower your premium.

Trade Value : If the 'trade value' of your vehicle is not high then it may be worth downgrading your cover -- Fully Comprehensive', 'Third Party Fire and Theft' and 'Third Party Only'.

Driving Tests: Clearing tests conducted by recognised institutes like the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the Institute of Advanced Motorists can get you heavy discounts on car

insurance premiums.

Consolidation: Consolidate multiple insurance policies. Try and use the same insurance company for more than one vehicle.

Nowadays, there are innumerable cheap car insurance providers in UK who claim to give competitive car insurance quotes online. But as a potential car insurance buyer you should also know that the policy should not only provide value for money but also be modified to suit particular needs. An in-depth study and comparison of car insurance quotes will help in getting an ideal insurance quote for your car.

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