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Cheap Car Insurance

by Jenna Simpson

Yes! It is possible to get cheap insurance. The best way to find low cost insurance is to get insurance quotes from several different companies and then you can see what the cheapest rate is. Here is a list of some things that contribute to the cost of your insurance.

The first factor would be the area in which you reside. Insurers look at your neighbouring area. If your area has many accidents it will affect and increase your premium rate. Most of the time, you will find more fender benders in inner city area. In rural areas you might find more severe accidents. The reason for this would be because of the higher speeds on the open highway.

The second

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factor would be the type of car you own. If you have an older vehicle with some damage your insurance will obviously be cheaper. Owning an expensive sports car will surely increase your insurance rate.

The third factor would be young driver discounts. Some companies offer discounts for good students with a 3.0 grade point average as well as drivers training discount. If you put the two together the discount can be quite significant.

The fourth would have to be matured driver and retired discounts. Some companies can offer retirement discounts and mature driver discounts to lower the rates for senior citizens.

These were just a few things that can

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contribute to your insurance rate. Be sure to ask about any discounts when shopping for your car insurance. Think about where you live, your vehicle and how you arrange your coverage. If you do a little more research and educate yourself it will help you get the insurance that is right for you, and an insurance that will save you more money. So go out inform yourself and save money on your car insurance!

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