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Do You Need A Long-Term Care Insurance Provider?

by Jessica Farrell

When purchasing insurance, most of us take care of the immediate needs—car, health, home, even renter’s insurance—and we search for those providers according to location, coverage, rates, etc. But many of us don’t consider looking into long-term care insurance, much less long-term care insurance providers. There’s a good reason for this. Not everyone needs a long-term care insurance provider. However, some folks do and they fall into two main categories—the elderly, and people with a debilitating illness or injury and/or require assistance with everyday activities.

Having long-term care insurance is not

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for everyone, but if you or a family member falls into one of these two categories, having a long-term care insurance provider just makes sense; otherwise, expenses come out-of-pocket, whether the pocket belongs you or your family. Of course, people don’t always know if they’re going to need long-term care insurance in the future, but researching statistics can help predict. For example, many people over the age of 65 need the services of a nursing home at some point, and the number of women in nursing homes far outweighs the number of men in nursing homes. Also, people can sometimes predict their need for

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long-term care insurance if they have a family history of illnesses and diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Once you decide that you or a family member needs long-term care insurance, take time searching for a provider. Make sure to check with several different long-term care insurance providers for specific coverage needs and rates, but understand that you will only need one provider and one policy. The provider you choose must be a financially stable company. Thoroughly read all documents before purchasing a policy in order to understand your exact coverage, rates, etc., and ask questions if you

don’t understand something. In the end you will be secure with the provider, policy, and rates that are right for you or your family member.

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